What we do

In developing countries we work with local primary school teachers and children in schools and learning centres in Cancer Hospitals.  Through inservice and workshops, we model and demonstrate good teaching methods and strategies to teachers. Our aim is to provide training  in the use of manipulatives in maths in order to strengthen the teacher’s knowledge, understanding and teaching of the base ten number system and place value concepts.  We assist the teachers in  creating  stimulating  and engaging maths environments for their students. After the initial training, we observe lessons, mentor teachers and provide feedback until they are confident in teaching mathematics using  the materials. 

In refugee settlements and camps we work with displaced primary school aged children on a daily basis for a month. Qualified primary school teachers volunteer their time to form the teaching team. We will take into account individual differences among children and group them according to their ability. Over the course of the month we will build on the children’s understanding and confidence of the base ten number system. We will instruct children on how to use concrete materials to solve problems and look for patterns and generalisations while making learning fun.

At the end of the allocated time we will move onto our next destination and leave the kit behind so the teachers in the local schools continue to teach maths using manipulatives, thus the project becomes sustainable.