Edx Education: Building Blocks for Mathematical Success

EdxEducation stands as the premier global manufacturer of maths manipulatives tailored for ages 3 to 11, a legacy established by Murray Jackson in 1996. Since its inception, EdxEducation has burgeoned into an industry leader, exporting its innovative products to over 80 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Australasia. Renowned for their cutting-edge approach, EdxEducation specialises in designing and developing educational materials catering to diverse markets, encompassing early childhood, kindergarten, and primary school sectors. Their expansive product line spans maths manipulatives, early childhood active play essentials, and art & craft accessories.

A serendipitous encounter between Celi and Heather from EdxEducation transpired at a teacher’s conference in Kota Kinabalu, culminating in the collaborative venture known as Gecko on the Move. Recognising the persistent challenge of mathematical resource scarcity hindering educational advancement in many developing nations, they seized the opportunity to merge EdxEducation’s exceptional resources with Celi’s pedagogical expertise. Their shared vision is to catalyse positive change in global education by empowering children worldwide with access to quality learning tools and experiences.