Why Mathematics?

Why Mathematics, and more importantly, why focus on number and place value? In developing nations, traditional maths instruction often revolves around a teacher delivering lessons to the entire class using only a blackboard and chalk, with little to no access to manipulatives.
  • Place value is fundamental to numerical literacy.
  • Children must actively engage in constructing meaning for themselves to grasp mathematical concepts.
  • Manipulatives provide a tangible representation of abstract ideas.
  • Meaningful discussions and collaborative activities thrive with manipulatives.
  • The base ten system, foundational to mathematics worldwide, is made more accessible through manipulatives
  • Our ultimate goal is to empower children to tackle real-world problems using hands-on materials and learning aids. By volunteering our time and expertise in schools, we aspire to catalyse a shift in maths instruction, advocating for the integration of manipulatives to enhance teaching methodologies and cultivate a deeper understanding of mathematics among students.