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Empowering Education: Zawadi’s Journey with Gecko on the Move

In the heart of Tanzania, amidst the vibrant community of Mto Wa Mbu, a dedicated educator named Zawadi has been making waves in the realm of mathematics education. For four transformative years, Zawadi has been the driving force behind Gecko on the Moves’ (GOTM) mission to enhance mathematics teaching in local schools and empower educators to reach new heights.
Zawadi’s journey with GOTM began with a simple yet profound goal: to support teachers in delivering high-quality mathematics education. Stationed at a local school in Mto Wa Mbu, she embarked on a mission to model effective teaching strategies, ensure the availability of appropriate teaching materials, and provide invaluable support to her fellow educators in lesson planning and delivery.

Beyond the confines of her home school, Zawadi’s passion for equitable education led her to extend her reach to other underserved schools in the area. Recognising the challenges posed by large class sizes, she was involved in an outreach program aimed at empowering teachers with innovative teaching tools. Through hands-on workshops, Zawadi introduced the concept of the 100 pocket chart—a simple yet powerful tool for engaging and managing large groups of students—to local teachers, enabling them to create dynamic and interactive learning environments.


But Zawadi’s quest for professional growth didn’t stop there. Thanks to partnerships with esteemed institutions such as St. Constantines and United World College schools in Arusha, she had the opportunity to participate in mathematics observation sessions. These sessions became invaluable learning experiences, enriching Zawadi’s pedagogical repertoire and inspiring her with fresh teaching ideas.

Fuelled by her passion for education and a thirst for knowledge, Zawadi seized every opportunity to broaden her horizons. Her journey with GOTM took her beyond the borders of Tanzania, as she ventured into neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Zambia. Here, she lent her expertise to teacher training programs in cancer learning centres and primary schools, leaving an indelible mark on communities far and wide.

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Zawadi’s story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the profound impact of dedicated educators. Through her tireless efforts, she has not only enriched the lives of countless students but has also empowered fellow teachers to unlock their full potential. Zawadi remains a beacon of inspiration, driving positive change and shaping the future of mathematics education, one lesson at a time.

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