Tanzania has been a focal point for Gecko on the Move (GOTM) since 2016, particularly in Mto Wa Mbu. Our efforts have primarily centred around Bandari School, where we’ve been training teachers annually in mathematics, emphasising the effective use of manipulatives in teaching. Over the past four years, GOTM has employed a local teacher dedicated to enhancing our impact. This teacher not only supports educators at Bandari but also initiates outreach programs in neighbouring schools.

In 2024, GOTM expanded its reach to include other deserving schools in Mto Wa Mbu, such as Blackstone School for Maasai, Naserian School, and Children’s Concern Foundation School. Looking ahead, our vision is to establish a Mathematics Learning Center in Mto Wa Mbu, serving as our GOTM hub. This centre will function as a training facility, an after-school learning hub, and a resource centre where local teachers can access mathematics manipulatives to enhance their teaching practices. Through this initiative, we aim to create a sustainable model for maths education in the region, empowering educators and enriching the learning experiences of children in underserved communities.