Maths Magic: Empowering Educators, Engaging Minds

At Gecko on the Move we collaborate with local primary school teachers and children in developing countries, including those in schools and learning centres within cancer hospitals. Through workshops and in-service training sessions, we equip teachers with effective teaching methods and strategies, focusing particularly on the use of manipulatives in mathematics education. Our goal is to enhance teachers’ knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts such as the base ten number system and place value.

In classrooms

  • We support teachers in creating dynamic and engaging learning environments conducive to mathematical exploration and discovery.
  • Following initial training, we continue to provide guidance and mentorship.
  • We observe lessons and offer constructive feedback until teachers feel confident.
  • We help teachers effectively integrate manipulatives into their maths instruction

In displaced settlements

  • Nurture the education of displaced primary school-aged children in refugee settlements and camps.
  • Form a teaching team comprising committed primary school teachers who volunteer their expertise.
  • Tailor our approach by grouping children according to their abilities and  understanding their unique needs.
  • Enhance children’s grasp of the fundamental base ten number system to foster understanding and confidence.
  • Utilise hands-on materials to guide children through problem-solving exercises and encourage discovery of patterns.
  • Make learning an engaging and enjoyable experience, empowering young learners with essential mathematical skills in a supportive environment.