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GOTM proudly collaborates with Twende Education for All, an NGO founded by a passionate educator dedicated to ensuring every child’s right to a good, healthy, and quality life. Together, we are transforming the lives of vulnerable Zambian children through education, empowerment, and unwavering support.

Our partnership extends to the University Teaching Hospital cancer ward and sickle cell units, where TEFA have established dedicated learning centres. These rooms enable children undergoing medical treatments to continue their education, whether they’re there for short or extended periods. GOTM provides comprehensive training to teachers and actively engages with children in these environments, ensuring they receive quality maths education.

Following the heartbreaking loss of a young girl who expressed a desire to continue learning maths in the learning centre despite her circumstances and being in isolation, GOTM responded by providing Twende with “Making Maths Fun” kits. These kits are designed to bring engaging maths activities to isolation units and bed-bound children, allowing them to learn in an interactive way alongside their parents.

Additionally, GOTM has extended its reach to Northern Zambia, specifically in the Mpika region. Here, we’ve focused on training teachers and providing essential maths materials to schools lacking access to such resources. Through these efforts, we are bridging educational gaps and empowering communities to thrive.