In August 2013, Celi Harper transitioned from international teaching to founding Gecko School in Phuket, Thailand. Recognised for its excellence in maths and literacy, Gecko prioritised holistic development and community engagement. In 2016, Celi expanded the school’s mission, launching Gecko on the Move to bring maths education to underserved communities worldwide using manipulatives. Guided by Celi’s leadership and supported by dedicated volunteers, the charity empowers educators and students alike.

With over three decades of experience spanning continents, Celi brings a wealth of teaching expertise to her work. Her commitment to education extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her extensive involvement in humanitarian causes worldwide, from supporting refugees to advocating for environmental conservation. Celi’s passion for mindfulness and integrity infuses her work with Gecko on the Move, driving the organisation’s mission to transform lives through mathematics education. Through her dedication and unwavering principles, Celi embodies the spirit of compassion and empowerment, driving positive change in communities around the globe.